Agricultural Land Use in Turkey’s Coastal Provinces, 1990-2020
Ulaş Karakoç

Agricultural Land Use in Turkey’s Coastal Provinces, 1990-2020.

Ulaş Karakoç

January 17 2024 19.00

Talk, AVTO


Along coastal regions, the prolonged expansion of urban areas has significantly influenced land utilization, molding the growth of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Presently, there is a foresight that climate change will reshape coastal habitats through abrupt weather variations, erosion, floods, and storms.

Ulaş Karakoç’s presentation will center on the transformations observed in land utilization patterns within Turkey’s coastal lands over the last three decades. Through the use of official statistics, the alterations in the distribution of field crops, vegetables, fruits, and cover crops in coastal provinces will be succinctly outlined based on an intricate data study. Karakoç will scrutinize the condition of land use for food production purposes in coastal provinces with concentrated agricultural activities, examining it from the perspective of vulnerability to climate change.

Ulaş Karakoç, an Assistant Professor in Economics at Kadir Has University, Istanbul, is a scholar with expertise in Development Economics, Sustainable Agriculture, Regional Development, and Economic History. His research spans a wide range of statistical methodologies, including Statistical Modelling, Causal and Predictive Inference, Spatial Analysis, Bayesian Inference, and proficiency in R programming.

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