25 November 2023

HAYY Open Space, İzmir

COMPASS is a workshop developed by Vessel* (Navine G. Dossos and Sofia Georgovasili). Based on research into the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in the early 20th century (particularly around İzmir, Çeşme, and Chios) Vessel presents this workshop on the compass – a tool for orientation on sea and land.

Workshop participants will each generate and paint their own personal compass that features symbols that relate to their inner and outer worlds.  A lexicon of symbols drafted by Vessel will aid them on their own journey in the world and within themselves. It will be informed by our relationship to the stars, the earth, and our common past, present, and futures.

The workshop will take place at Hayy Open Space and is limited to 10 participants. Please contact for further information.

*Vessel is a collective studio, arts, and event space on the island of Aegina, Greece. It has multiple members who pursue their own practices in the shared studio but also come together in various formations to work under the name Vessel.

Developed as part of the research Shorelines, COMPASS is supported by the British Council’s Creative Collaborations Grant Programme. 

Collaborators: AVTO (İstanbul), Vessel (Aegina), Hayy Açık Alan (İzmir), Sezon (İzmir) ve Art Unlimited (İstanbul)