with Meriç Öner

Led by Meriç Öner, Shorelines is a long-term research and conversation project. Delving into the geographic and social transformations caused by human mobility along the shores of Türkiye, it draws factual data on the economies of agriculture, fisheries, production, legal and illegal trades along the coasts. The project studies the borders of the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean through the lenses of disciplines including social geography, ecology, and urban planning. Addressed by academics and experts, inquiries will be made public via AVTO’s publication and publishing affordances. Through layering information and knowledge, Shorelines provides a ground for interpretation of the current status of the coasts of Türkiye.

As a point of departure, Shorelines – Part 1, studies the economic shifts occurring due to climate change along the coastal Türkiye. It also unpacks the histories of the Aegean shores as a long-standing threshold of immigration in a specialized program developed in collaboration with partners: Vessel (Aegina), Hayy Open Space (İzmir), sezon (İzmir), and Art Unlimited (İstanbul). Gathered via public workshops and conversations, the output of Part 1 will be presented online and on-site in 2024. Program details will be available soon on 

Shorelines is supported by the British Council’s Creative Collaborations Grant Programme. 



“Compass”, Navine G. Dossos and Sofia Georgovassili of Vessel

26 November 2023

Workshop, Hayy Open Space

Produce and Representation in Mediterranean Turkey, Dilşad Aladağ

20 December 2023

Conversation, AVTO

Tourism Along the Shores of Türkiye, Cenk Demiroğlu

27 December 2023

Konuşma, AVTO

Agriculture Along the Shores of Türkiye, Ulaş Karakoç

3 January 2024

Konuşma, AVTO

On İzmir

January 2024

Conversation Series, Hayy Open Space

Shorelines – Part 1

20-30 March 2024

Presentation, AVTO