AVTO is an operating system working across the field of culture, providing interfaces dedicated to knowledge production.

Founded in 2017, AVTO aims to serve as a utility-oriented, mutable organizational model open to all. Developing experimental methods and subjective thinking in art, design, architecture and social sciences, AVTO’s outputs are in diverse media such as podcasts, exhibitions, documentaries, research projects, and publications.

The organization has a multi-functional space located on Kazancı Yokuşu Street near Taksim Square. Occupying the basement floor of Emek Apartmanı, AVTO offers a modest setting without fixed functions. Designed by artist Can Altay in 2021, the facility seeks to constitute a living, malleable environment accommodating different needs of users.

AVTO Online is a stand-alone operation working as an independent publishing platform. In addition to web-based projects, AVTO translates key texts on gender studies, techno-politics, and other timely and critical issues into Turkish to make new knowledge accessible to local constituencies.

AVTO is an independent entity in public service sustaining its activities through donations, sponsorships, and grants. Please contact support@avtoonline.org to inquire about the ways of supporting AVTO.


Doğa Yirik
Design and Productions Operator

Görkem İmrek

Sarp Özer
System Operator

Serra Şensoy
Visual Design Operator

Sena Çelebi
Visual Design Operator

Arda Küçükada
Design and Productions Operator

Mina Meriç
Facility Operator