Xenofeminist Manifesto
Laboria Cuboniks


Xenofeminism (XF) is a gender abolitionist, anti-naturalist, technomaterialist form of posthumanism, initiated by the working group Laboria Cuboniks. It is a world-building project working from the assumption that any society worth constructing would take feminism as a foundational principle. It is a project that aims to infect a wide range of fields, and operates on the assumption that any meaningful change will happen at a range of scales and across a range of disciplines.

Laboria Cuboniks (b. 2014) is a xenofeminist collective, spread across five countries and three continents. She seeks to dismantle gender, destroy ‘the family,’ and do away with nature as a guarantor for inegalitarian political positions. Her name is an anagram of ‘Nicolas Bourbaki’, a pseudonym under which a group of largely French mathematicians worked towards an affirmation of abstraction, generality and rigour in mathematics in the early twentieth century.

AVTO will translate the Xenofeminist Manifesto with the contributions of all components. Each tuesday chapters from the text will be discussed in the reading group that will be organised in AVTO during the 49-day translation program of the seven-part manifesto. AVTO will function as an open workspace throughout the translation. It is not neccessary to be present in AVTO In order to contribute to the manifesto’s translation. The translation of the text and the discussions can be reached via Google Documents. In order to participate online please send a request to AVTO. Once the translation of the Xenofeminist Manifesto comes to a conclusion, it will be submitted to open access with GNU document license and published via Laboria Cuboniks.