Xenofeminist Manifesto
Laboria Cuboniks


Xenofem­i­nism (XF) is a gen­der abo­li­tion­ist, anti-nat­u­ral­ist, tech­no­ma­te­ri­al­ist form of posthu­man­ism, ini­ti­at­ed by the work­ing group Labo­ria Cuboniks. It is a world-build­ing project work­ing from the assump­tion that any soci­ety worth con­struct­ing would take fem­i­nism as a foun­da­tion­al prin­ci­ple. It is a project that aims to infect a wide range of fields, and oper­ates on the assump­tion that any mean­ing­ful change will hap­pen at a range of scales and across a range of disciplines.

Labo­ria Cuboniks (b. 2014) is a xenofem­i­nist col­lec­tive, spread across five coun­tries and three con­ti­nents. She seeks to dis­man­tle gen­der, destroy ‘the fam­i­ly,’ and do away with nature as a guar­an­tor for ine­gal­i­tar­i­an polit­i­cal posi­tions. Her name is an ana­gram of ‘Nico­las Bour­ba­ki’, a pseu­do­nym under which a group of large­ly French math­e­mati­cians worked towards an affir­ma­tion of abstrac­tion, gen­er­al­i­ty and rigour in math­e­mat­ics in the ear­ly twen­ti­eth century.

AVTO will trans­late the Xenofem­i­nist Man­i­festo with the con­tri­bu­tions of all com­po­nents. Each tues­day chap­ters from the text will be dis­cussed in the read­ing group that will be organ­ised in AVTO dur­ing the 49-day trans­la­tion pro­gram of the sev­en-part man­i­festo. AVTO will func­tion as an open work­space through­out the trans­la­tion. It is not nec­ces­sary to be present in AVTO In order to con­tribute to the manifesto’s trans­la­tion. The trans­la­tion of the text and the dis­cus­sions can be reached via Google Doc­u­ments. In order to par­tic­i­pate online please send a request to AVTO. Once the trans­la­tion of the Xenofem­i­nist Man­i­festo comes to a con­clu­sion, it will be sub­mit­ted to open access with GNU doc­u­ment license and pub­lished via Labo­ria Cuboniks.