Trick or Treat
Deniz Eroğlu

18.01.2019 — 04.03.2019

Trick or Treat is an exhi­bi­tion con­cept coined as a mise-en-scène of a can­dy store. The con­tent of which was con­ceived accord­ing to the time and place of the exhi­bi­tion by the Turk­ish-Dan­ish artist Deniz Eroglu. Here, the can­dy is not for sale but giv­en away for free.

The title of the exhi­bi­tion refers to a cus­tom of Hal­loween. In the evening of Octo­ber 31, chil­dren in cos­tumes, dis­guised as fan­ta­sy char­ac­ters, pose the ques­tion: “Trick or treat?” to their neigh­bors in order to acquire can­dies. This request implies a vague threat. Neigh­bors either show gen­eros­i­ty by gift­ing treats or face trou­ble or tricks. The treat alone does not suf­fice. Unless they are sat­is­fied with the offer­ings, the rit­u­al exchange will result in either an unde­fined trans­gres­sion or some rather sym­bol­ic trouble. 

Eroglu employs cura­to­r­i­al deci­sions as well as artis­tic imag­i­na­tion to cre­ate a sen­so­r­i­al expe­ri­ence through the sym­bio­sis of thoughts and fla­vors. By merg­ing taste and visu­al com­po­nents, he has devel­oped a “lan­guage of sweets” that for­mu­lates ques­tions and cri­tique. Trick or Treat is an ambigu­ous entan­gle­ment of writ­ing, curat­ing and var­i­ous gas­tro­nom­i­cal endeav­ors. The artist exper­i­ments with ingre­di­ents and their rela­tions to thoughts, feel­ings, and mem­o­ries. He con­cocts con­nec­tions between tastes and his­to­ri­og­ra­phy. He probes the past and future and delves into some of the most press­ing mat­ters of our time, such as the pre­vail­ing depen­den­cy on tech­nol­o­gy, the ques­tion­able notion of per­son­al free­dom, and a per­va­sive sense of imprisonment.