Mesut Lizor

Mesut Lizor will outline his novel “Rotation” (2017) on this lecture performance series. “Rotation” is composed as a newspaper and reports the problems of a society from future. According to Lizor, sedentariness is the primary cause of all kinds of evil. Whether in the working life or psychologically, the desire to remain sedentary is a sign of decay. In order to overcome this fundamental problem, it is obligatory for all citizens to switch from one work to another with no exceptions in the Rotation society. In this direction, the utopia has been formulated as the model of the ideal society as follows: 




According to this basic principle, an emancipated society with the name “Rotation” was established in 1992. In this state, citizens  shift between different employments according to the needs of Rotation and parliamentary debates concern reality rather than politics. In a six-week course, Lizor will open up the administrative and social reforms he considers necessary for the realization of this emancipatory economic model alongside with how he finds utopia’s name and events as well as fundamental concepts he uses in this process. The lecture series at AVTO is presented in collaboration with the fictional *AR-GE 7 news agency and will be in Turkish. In order to host a number of related gatherings as an extension of Rotation talk series AVTO is open to relevant event submissions.

*Rotation weekly is published by the research collective AR-GE 7.