Post-Clock Rationalisations
Wassim Z. Alsindi

Drop by: Wassim Alsindi’s Post-Clock Rationalisations 

18 November 2023, 19:00

Drawing upon recent publications such as “Prophet Motives & Knightwork States” and “Necroprimitivism Rising,” and his upcoming book tentatively titled “Prophet Motives,” Wassim Z. Alsindi is dropping by AVTO. His presentation will connect several strands of research into network communities: synthetic temporalities, ideologies of scarcity, and the relationships between prophecy, capital, and technology. Alsindi’s talk, “Post-Clock Rationalisations,” will delve into the Crusades, the zero-sum mentality of network states, and capitalism’s capturing of time.

Wassim Z. Alsindi operates at the intersection of intersections, in an undisciplined and undisciplinary manner. He chronicles technical visions and social realities of contemporary technologies across contexts and epistemes. Holding a Ph.D. in ultrafast supramolecular photophysics from the University of Nottingham, Wassim specializes in conceptual design and the philosophy of peer-to-peer systems. He regularly writes, speaks, and consults on these topics. He is the founder of 0xSalon, incubated by the Berlin-based community and project space Trust. 0xSalon conducts experiments in creative and scholarly collaboration through event series, a residency program, physical objects, and a project studio.