Walter Santomauro

Inspired by the typog­ra­phy sys­tem Kral­içe (2011) designed by Project Projects for SALT, AVTO sought to cre­ate a dynam­ic graph­ic lan­guage in 2017. Design­er Wal­ter San­tomau­ro pro­duced a typo­graph­i­cal work that con­tains the four let­ters which became AVTO’s lega­cy logo, along­side oth­er Latin let­ters, punc­tu­a­tion marks, and sym­bols spe­cif­ic to Eng­lish and Turk­ish lan­guages. AVTO Bold is the result of this process, a sans serif hybrid font with angu­lar and curved char­ac­ters. The idea behind its design is to embed the iden­ti­ty through­out the font instead of empha­siz­ing the let­ters A‑V-T‑O. The type­face will be open access in .otf file for­mat with the launch of the revamped soon.