Only You Can Judge Me
Molino & Lucidi

01.06.2020 — 08.06.2020

AVTO shares Only You Can Judge Me by artist duo Molino & Lucidi. This work uses Instagram’s own means of image-making and the application itself as a display tool. It consists of seven different story filters to be published daily on the Instagram account of AVTO. The story filters of Instagram enable users to graphically alter or manipulate images produced with phone cameras. Each one of the OYCJM filters comprises a text in the form of a question and a hand gesture inquisitively demanding answers: Are you happy, motivated, focused? Is your face aligned to be selfie-worthy enough? The work playfully mocks an unnamed syndrome: the introspection caused by media saturation. 

As a gesture to defy the excessive commodification of our attention, the title of the work makes a reference to the song Only God Can Judge Me (1996) by Tupac Shakur. Refusing to live according to the expectations of others, Shakur’s thought is as relevant as ever to withstand the pressure we are subject to online. A daily visit to the filters section on the Instagram profile of AVTO is enough to start using the filters. The filter will appear on your application’s story section right upon your visit. No download necessary.