Only You Can Judge Me
Molino & Lucidi

01.06.2020 — 08.06.2020

AVTO shares Only You Can Judge Me by artist duo Moli­no & Luci­di. This work uses Insta­gram’s own means of image-mak­ing and the appli­ca­tion itself as a dis­play tool. It con­sists of sev­en dif­fer­ent sto­ry fil­ters to be pub­lished dai­ly on the Insta­gram account of AVTO. The sto­ry fil­ters of Insta­gram enable users to graph­i­cal­ly alter or manip­u­late images pro­duced with phone cam­eras. Each one of the OYCJM fil­ters com­pris­es a text in the form of a ques­tion and a hand ges­ture inquis­i­tive­ly demand­ing answers: Are you hap­py, moti­vat­ed, focused? Is your face aligned to be self­ie-wor­thy enough? The work play­ful­ly mocks an unnamed syn­drome: the intro­spec­tion caused by media saturation. 

As a ges­ture to defy the exces­sive com­mod­i­fi­ca­tion of our atten­tion, the title of the work makes a ref­er­ence to the song Only God Can Judge Me (1996) by Tupac Shakur. Refus­ing to live accord­ing to the expec­ta­tions of oth­ers, Shakur’s thought is as rel­e­vant as ever to with­stand the pres­sure we are sub­ject to online. A dai­ly vis­it to the fil­ters sec­tion on the Insta­gram pro­file of AVTO is enough to start using the fil­ters. The fil­ter will appear on your appli­ca­tion’s sto­ry sec­tion right upon your vis­it. No down­load necessary.